Things I Love Thursday
  • Playing old PS1 games
  • My almost-done hair. The highlights look so glamorous and I can’t wait to see the end result
  • Limoncello cocktails
  • Mad Men
  • Mocha Coconut frappucinos
  • The frame collage I made last night
  • Finishing off my room list
  • The library
  • Brooches
  • My body! I’ve been working out and I feel fantastic
  • Having so much to be thankful for
  • Playing my folk renditions on the electric guitar
  • Cuddling while sleeping and waking up happy
Things I Love Thursday

One Day Late…

  • Collapsing after cleaning Boy’s room!
  • Iced Latte in glass glass with straw
  • Our lovely, clean space complete with candles
  • Putting pictures of myself on here
  • Pesto & Salmon on Puff Pastry
  • Boy watching me type this and offering words to counter my anomia
  • Feeling smarter than the firefox dictionary
  • Fruit: cherries, peaches, papaya
  • Smart Water
  • Cuddling
  • Even Stepvhen
  • Getting caught up on the Colbert Report
  • Having LOTS of things to be thankful for!
  • My new thank you cards: black with silver typewriter
  • Feeling like the thank-you elf when putting a completed card downstairs
  • The thought that I could watch ANYTHING on netflix after I’m done with this
  • The outfit I’m going to wear tomorrow
  • The people I’ll be with tomorrow! Finally I’ll get to spend some time with ALL my cousins in ONE PLACE! I don’t think that’s ever happened! What a blessing!
  • Feeling all the tension in my back melt away as I write this
  • Going to bed after a long day’s work
Things I Love Thursday
  • My loving and wonderful RA. I couldn’t live without her.
  • My new room & how tension-free it is!
  • The warm, sunny weather. Vitamin D always makes me happy
  • Intentional healing: keeping pictures of loved ones around and indulging in spa products.
  • Sex and the City
  • That the Colbert Report and Daily Show are back!
  • my friend Dave playing Dave Matthews for me :)
  • My bright pink comforter paired with my lime green Tahitian thingy—so happy!
  • Checking things off my monster to-do list!
Things I Love Thursday

So I’ve decided to keep myself in a better mood by doing “Things I Love Thursday”! Here’s Numero Uno.

  • The delicious Ghirardelli mocha I treated myself to this morning—reminded me of San Francisco and home and fog and everything I have to look forward to this summer
  • How lovely it is to sleep with my sleep mask on and earplugs in: the silence and dark feel like an extra blanket
  • Clean clothes!
  • Getting complemented on my writing my my TA today :)
  • My Theater Studies Prof’s take on Waiting For Godot: that it’s a happy message—that the waiting keeps us alive and keeps us hopeful
  • Doing yoga in theater class
  • my red toenail polish
  • Warming up in the sun
  • Vitamins & the immune security they provide! It is my goal to not get sick this time at finals: I’m staying positive, I’m taking my flax, cranberry, C, and multis, I’m eating fruit and veggies up the wazoo—this is do-able and I will make it out alive!
  • Fantasizing about the outfit I’m going to wear when I give my “lecture” in english class! Look out, world!